Intermediate Care Service

  • Provision of active rehabilitation and recovery schemes to maximise independence
  • Facilitation and support of early timely discharge from hospital (e.g. people who are in hospital and unable to be discharged unless essential work/adaptation is carried out to their homes)
  • Prevention of unnecessary admission to hospital (e.g. people in a crisis in the community who are in danger of being admitted to hospital unless such work as highlighted above is carried out. The service will admit such person until adaptation to their home has been completed)

Palliative Care

With palliative care, particular attention is given to the prevention, assessment, and treatment of pain and other symptoms. We pay particular attention to provide psychological, spiritual and emotional support to residents.

Our nursing staff ensure that patients in palliative care are as comfortable as possible.

Long Term Nursing

Our aim is always to get people home, however this is not always possible. If a resident is placed with us on a long term basis we do more than just provide our normal high standard of care.

We believe that residents should feel that they have a home at Shackleton Nursing Home. We always try to make provisions for our long term residents to pursue their hobbies and interests.

Respite Care

We provide respite care to give the main carer some time to themselves, to go on a holiday, see friends or family, or to have a medical treatment themselves.

We provide the same level of care that they would be used to, in a warm and friendly environment.

Step Down Care

Step Down Care for post operative convalescence and rehabilitation.

Shackleton provides a safe and caring environment for patients who still need medical care, but don’t need to be in a hospital ward.

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